Posted by: bikedave | September 18, 2010

September 18, Chickahominy Riverfront Park near Williamsburg, VA to Yorktown, VA

This morning we both left the campground at the same time, planning to meet again in Yorktown.


Our campsite on the Chickahominy.


The weather was again perfect for riding.  The first 7 miles of my route was on another section of the Capital Trail.


The Capital Trail, near Jamestown, VA


In Jamestown the Capital trail ended.  I then followed the Colonial Parkway to Williamsburg, VA.  The parkway follows the James river before turning across the peninsula towards Williamsburg.


The Colonial Parkway near Jamestown, VA



The James river as seen from Colonial Parkway near Jamestown, VA



Brick bridge over the Colonial Parkway near Williamsburg, VA


In Williamsburg, I left the parkway for a few miles to ride through the city, then returned to the parkway for the rest of the ride.  After Williamsburg the parkway continues crossing the peninsula reaching the York River, then continues to Yorktown.


The York River, near Yorktown, VA



I watched this crabbing boat on the York River as he was setting pots.


I soon reached Yorktown, where Vicki was waiting for me at the Yorktown Battlefield National Park. From there I rode to the Yorktown Victory Monument, the end of our trip.  The monument was about an eighth of a mile away.  Vicki Followed in the RV.


The Yorktown Victory Monument, Yorktown, VA



The end of the trip.



Vicki and I near the monument. Behind us is the mouth of the York River and the Chesapeake Bay.


The trip has been a great experience for both so us.  I can truthfully say that I have enjoyed every day on the road.  I am neither happy nor sad that it is done, I just feel a sense of satisfaction in the completion of an endeavor.

Although our travels will continue in the RV, with the completion of the bike trip I will no longer be posting to this blog.  I hope that you who have followed this trip on the blog hove enjoyed the journey along with us.  Thank you, to all who have left comments.

Dave Mckenna

Miles today: 31    Total miles: 4,111



  1. Congratulations! Awesome trip! It is something to really be proud of.

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations on your fantastic accomplishment! Looking forward to seeing you and Vicki.

  3. Way to go Dave. Don’t know if i could drive that far let along peddle my big ass around the country. Yoiu will have enough memories to last
    in entire life time. Now, let’s back to reality, get
    back here and get you ass to work so you can pay
    for your trip and save for the next one.
    Missed ya, see ya soon, congratulations on following you dream.

  4. Dave, Congrats on the completion of a great adventure. Hope you will stay in touch and perhaps someday, we will meet on the road again.

  5. I found your site by accident today, the last day of our leg to Yorktown. I haven’t read all the posts. Your trip is very interesting. Congratulations on your victory at the Victory Center.

  6. Congrats Dave. I’m glad you made it safely and look forward to talking to you when you get back to Eugene. Nice job!

  7. Dave, great ride. Vicki, great drive. I would have liked to do either. Wonderful pictures along to way. Continue to have a safe trip as you tour along. Dave, look forward to a hello and conversation on your return. j.

  8. Wow, what an accomplishment! Thank you for sharing your blog with us. We really enjoyed your postings and beautiful pictures.

  9. Dave,
    I have enjoyed this blog, and your trip so much. Thank you and Vicki for including us. Congrats on such an amazing accomplishment!

  10. Dave,
    I had a great time this weekend reading every post and following your route in my trusty atlas. What a trip! The woman I told you about is Megan Timothy. Check her website;
    Safe travels to you and Vicki.

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