Posted by: bikedave | September 16, 2010

September 16, Mineral, VA to Mechanicsville, VA

I started riding today at about 8:00 in Mineral.  The route first took me north to Lake Anna.

Lake Anna, near Bumpass, VA

I rode through the town of Bumpass, VA, and past a place called Coatesville, VA. Then on to Ashland VA.  The roads were lightly traveled between Mineral and Ashland, but between Ashland and Mechanicsville the traffic was heaver.

Yesterday and today I have been seeing some corn and bean fields. Near Bumpass, VA

Near Coatesville, VA

This log house was built in 1843. It is said that "Stonewall" Jackson stopped here for water in 1862. North of Ashland, VA

This huge horse stable is near Ashland, VA

I stopped here to eat my lunch. The bench was placed near the road by the landowner for the use of passing cyclists. Near Ashland, VA

I rode through the town of Ashland, then on to Mechanicsville, VA.  Vicki had arrived about an hour ahead of me.  I found Vicki and ended my ride for the day.

Miles today: 62    Total miles: 4,025


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