Posted by: bikedave | September 14, 2010

September 11, Buchanan, VA to Vesuvias, VA

Our nations flag flies at half mast on the parade ground of the Virginia Military Institute on September 11, 2010.

Nine years ago this morning, I was in Philomath, OR with Jim Connors, who was training me to run his truck while he was off on a planned medical leave.  I first heard the news of the attacks on the World Trade Center from Jim after his wife called him on his cell phone.  It’s hard to believe that 9 years has passed since that day.
This morning we left Buchanan, VA at 8:30 by different routes with plans to meet up in Lexington, VA.  The first 10 miles of my route was on frontage roads adjacent to interstate 81.  Sometimes the interstate was within sight of my route and sometimes it was not, but I was always close enough to hear the constant noise form the traffic.  It was surprising to find how annoying the noise was after becoming used to the quiet of country roads.  I was happy to finally turn north, away from the interstate, near Natural Bridge, VA.

Near Natural Bridge, VA

When I stopped to take this big boy's picture, he stopped eating, looked up and gave me the evil eye.

Buffalo Creek near Lexington, VA

Of all the states I’ve been through, Virginia has been the most consistent in the posting of signs marking the Bicentennial Bicycle Route.

Bicentennial Bicycle Route sign near Lexington, VA.

I met up with Vicki in Lexington, VA.  Together we took a self guided walking tour of old Lexington.  Vicki is very interested in the history of the Civil War, so this was a special day for her.  We visited Lee’s Chapel on the Washington and Lee University campus, the site of General Robert E. Lee’s burial.  Next we walked through the Virginia Military Institute and went to the VMI museum.  Finally, we visited the grave of General Thomas Jonathan “”Stonewall” Jackson. The day had started out sunny but had become overcast by the time we were in Lexington, perfect weather for walking.

The home of "Stonewall" Jackson. (1800)

Washington Hall (1824), Washington and Lee University Campus

Close up of the statue of George Washington in a roman toga on top of the Washington Hall cupola.

Lee Chapel, (1867) site of General Lee's burial.

Vicki was thrilled to visit VMI.

Statue of "Stonewall" Jackson at the General's grave site.

Vicki was thrilled to walk the same streets where these great men had once also walked.
After our tour of old Lexington, I got back on the bike and rode to the town of Vesuvius,VA. Vicki drove on ahead to wait for me.  Other than a few steep hills, the grade was slightly uphill as the road followed the South River upstream to Vesuvius.

Near Vesuvius, VA

The South River near Vesuvius, VA.

Miles today: 47    Total miles: 3,845



  1. Great post Dave. What a joy for Vicki to get to visit a place like this.

    According to Google maps you are less than 200 miles from Yorktown! Your route is probably longer but, you are almost there!



  3. That bull wasn’t giving you the “evil eye”. He was wondering why you were just standing there, taking pictures, instead of getting that cow from out of his bottom. Poor fella must have been in agony.

    • Martyn,
      That just shows how big that bull actually was. The cow you noticed is a full grown animal!

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