Posted by: bikedave | September 10, 2010

September 8, Wytheville, VA to Christiansburg, VA

This morning the weather started out cloudy and a little warmer than the past few days.  There was a cold front to the west that would pass through later in the morning bringing a little rain with it.
I started riding at about 9:30, a little later than usual.  The route today took me over rolling hills through farms, small towns and cities.

Cemetery and church west of Draper, VA

West of Draper,VA

When I reached Draper the rain was coming down enough to put on my rain jacket.  I noticed a parking area for the New River Trail, and went over to check it out.  It is a rails to trails about 40 miles long, and runs along my route for about 2.5 miles before crossing my route and ending near the town of Pulaski.  I decided to take the trail until it crossed my route, then rejoin my planned route.

On the New River Trail near Draper, VA

The trail was hard packed and in good condition.  I met a park employee on a large mower, but he stopped working until I had passed.  As I was nearing the point where the trail would cross my route I came to a long trestle.  Unfortunately the trestle crossed high over the road I was planning to take.  I rode on across the trestle and on a little further but could find no easy way to get down to the road.  I remembered crossing a dirt driveway about a quarter mile before the trestle, so I returned to it and was able to take it to the road I wanted to be on.  Soon I was riding under the trestle, back on route.  About that time the rain let up and I was able to put away my rain jacket.

The trestle that went over my intended route.

The view west from the trestle.

Looking up at the trestle after I found my way onto the road.

I went through the town of Newbern, VA.  The main street is lined with houses that are between 100 and 150 years old.

Newbern, VA

After Newbern I turned north and followed the New River into Radford, VA.  Riding along the New River reminded me of the road that runs along the lower Smith River near Reedsport, OR.  I crossed the New River in Radford.  As the sun broke through the clouds, I rode south and then east to Christiansburg, VA.

The New River, Radford, VA.

Some more smart cows, south of Radford, VA.

Vicki had arrived in Christiansburg about an hour ahead of me.  I joined her near the center of town.

Miles today: 54    Total miles: 3,732



  1. I’d love to ride that New River trail. Looks like a good ride. Your super tires do alright on those rocky roads?

    • The tires are good unless I’m in sand or slick mud.

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