Posted by: bikedave | September 10, 2010

September 10, Christiansburg, VA to Buchanan, VA

This morning before beginning to ride,  we drove over to Mickey D’s for some internet access, Egg McMuffins and coffee.  After updating the blog, we drove to where I stopped riding on Wednesday, unloaded me and the bike, then we both headed for Buchanan, VA.
The weather today was perfect for riding.  It was clear, not too cool in the morning, and in the afternoon there was a nice breeze to keep me cool.  The route was over mostly gentle hills.  There were a few steep hills and a few longer climbs, but for the most part it was easy going with a downhill bias.  I ended the day 1000 feet below my starting elevation.

Leaving Christiansburg, I passed this old train depot that had been converted into retail space.

Near Ellett, VA, I watched these deer cross the road in front of me, then run across a field seeking cover in the cornfield ahead. As soon as they were in the corn, they stopped and looked back at me.

After passing Ellett, VA, the road ran alongside the North Fork of the Roanoke River for the next 15 miles.

Sometimes the trees would completely shade the road. North of Ellett, VA

Old one room house near the road on the way to Catawba, VA

Near Catawba, VA

I came around a corner to see a young deer separated from his herd by a tall fence.  I stopped right away so as not to frighten him away.

Desperately wanting to be on the other side.

Because of my presence, the others started to move away from the fence.  The young one was frantically looking for a way through the fence.  I could see no way over or through the fence for him between us.  I slowly moved forward, hoping he would move towards an area behind him that looked more promising.
He did as as I had hoped and was able to leap over the fence from an elevated roadside.

Happy to be back with his herd.

The only part of the route that had much traffic was in the area of Daleville, VA and Troutville, VA.  Four miles past Troutville, the route began paralleling a railroad the rest of the way to Buchanan, VA.

Alongside the railroad near Buchanan, VA.

Vicki waited on the far side of Buchanan.  When I arrived, we loaded the bike, then drove to a campground southwest of town.

Miles today: 66    Total miles: 3,798



  1. From Buchanan you are only 2 hrs 55 mins away from me in Stafford VA. I am anxious to see you both. Have been waiting for a long time….Hope things are good.

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