Posted by: bikedave | September 8, 2010

September 7, Konnarock, VA to Wytheville, VA

Yesterday, we only had to backtrack about a mile from Konnarock to find a real nice parking spot.  It was in a wide pullout on a lightly traveled highway, next to Laural Creek.  We could see and hear the creek from our windows.

Parked next to Laurel Creek near Konnarock, VA.

This morning it was clear with a temperature in the low 60s when I left the RV.  For the second day in a row I wore arm warmers at the start of the day.  I also wore a vest for the first time in months, but it was too warm and I removed it when I stopped in Konnarock to set my odometer for the day’s ride.

East of Konnarock, VA.

** Old joke alert!!** The cow in the background is far smarter than the two looking over the fence. How do I know? Just look! Can't you see that she is outstanding in her field!

The first 7 miles of the day began with a slight up hill that got progressively steeper until reaching the summit at about 3700 feet elevation.  This was in the Jefferson National Forest about 2.5 miles from Mt. Rogers, the highest point in Virginia.  After the summit was a long gentle downhill into the town of Troutdale.

I ate an apple from one of the trees on the right. Looking west, west of Troutdale, Va.

At Troutdale there was a short climb, then the road went down hill to Sugar Grove, VA.

Just past Sugar Grove I saw this cemetery across a valley, on the top of a hill.

From Sugar Hill to Wytheville I traveled through farm and ranch land over rolling hills.

Near Sugar Grove, Va.

Near Cedar Springs, VA

In Rural Retreat there was a bike lane through the north half of town.  I haven’t seen a bike lane for a long time.

Boarded up train depot in Rural Retreat, VA

There was almost no traffic this morning in Konnarock.  As I came closer to I-81 traffic progressively increased. The last 10 miles of the day was on Highway 11 which runs along side the interstate.  Traffic here was the heaviest and took most of my attention.  I arrived at the center of Wytheville in time to have a soda while I waited  for Vicki.  We will spend the night here in Wytheville.

Miles today: 46    Total miles: 3,678


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