Posted by: bikedave | September 7, 2010

September 6, Rosedale, VA to Konnarock, VA

Midway between Rosedale and Hayters Gap, VA

Imagine yourself riding on the road in the picture above.  Now imagine the sound of crickets humming in the background, and the sound of birds singing.  Imagine that the morning air is cool and still but not quite cold, with the smell of wood smoke from a nearby farmhouse.  That’s how my ride started out this morning.
Just beyond the farm in the picture above, I began a climb that would take me to just above 3000 feet in elevation. The road was narrow and quite steep in a few places.  Traffic was almost nonexistent.  I doubt the RV would have made it around a few of the switchbacks that were quite sharp and steep.  Fortunately, Vicki would be taking a different route to Damascus, where we would meet for lunch.

Climbing through the forest, I could hear the hollow rapping sound of a distant woodpecker for much of the way.

Just after the crest I was treated to this view to the south towards Hayters Gap, Meadowview, and Damascus, VA.

There was a long downhill with many sharp curves that took me down to about 1600 feet approaching Hayters Gap.

The road ran along side of Wolf Creek coming into Hayters Gap, VA.

....and crossed Wolf Creek on the south end of town.

In a little over a mile I crossed The North Fork of the Holston River.

Downtown Meadowview, VA, on Labor Day morning.

I passed through Meadowview, VA, crossed under I-81 then about 6 miles later crossed the Middle Fork of the Holston River.

Middle Fork Holston River south of Meadowview, VA

This egret can barely be seen in the middle of the river in the previous picture.

There was a hill to go over between the Middle and South Forks of the Holston.  At the top there were some great views.

Looking southeast from that hilltop.

Looking east from the same spot.

I would cross the South fork of the Holston on the way to Damascus, VA.  Vicki was waiting for me in Damascus.  We had lunch together then walked around town and did some shopping.  We stopped at Damascus Cycle Works.  The owner, Mark Smith, was helpful with some local knowledge about camping spots and about riding the Virginia Creeper Trail.  Mark is a graduate of Oregon State, and received bicycle mechanic and frame building training from United Bicycle Institute in Ashland OR.

When we left Damascus, Vicki took the highway to Konnarock, VA, while I rode most of the way on the Virginia Creeper Trail.  The VCT is a rails to trails trail, open to hikers, bicycles, and horses.  The surface is cinder with some areas of rock.  It’s well maintained and gets a lot of use.  The trail follows a creek, which it crosses repeatedly.  Along the creek, I saw a half dozen fly fishermen.  In 11 miles I probably saw over 100 riders, 15 hikers, and 2 horses.  Here are some pictures taken on the Virginia Creeper Trail:

Miles today: 49    Total miles: 3,632



  1. Where are the fisherman?
    Hey have fun,you are now running through near where I was born.

    • Hey Jeff!
      I saw about 6 fishermen between Damascus and Konnarock. One told me that he had released 30 fish that day!

  2. Loved this. I have lived in VA for 7 years and mostly traveled (almost all of) USA east coast. You literally reminded me all the travel…

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