Posted by: bikedave | September 6, 2010

September 5, Elkhorn City, KY to Rosedale, VA

At first light this morning, clouds obscured the tops of the ridges that surround Elkhorn City.  The weather has become very pleasant during the day and just a little bit cold at night.
Because of the mountainous terrain in this area, the 62 miles that I rode yesterday only covered 34 miles as the crow flies.  Today my route will be more direct.  I’ll be riding southeast to Rosedale,VA.

The Russel Fork River from the bridge leaving Elkhorn, KY.

The Virginia state line was only 3 miles from Elkhorn.

In a low spot on the side of the road there was some moisture that hadn’t completely dried since Friday night’s storm.  This attracted butterflies giving me a chance to take some pictures.

Red Admiral

If anyone can leave a comment with the name of this butterfly, I'll update this entry with that information.

The terrain continues to be mountainous. One of the passes I rode over today, near Big A Mountain, was about 2,700 feet, the highest I’ve been on this side of the Mississippi.  East of this pass the hills were covered in grass and had few trees.

Looking back towards Big A Mountain.

Grass covered hills near Honaker, VA

Vicki had remained in Elkhorn, KY until late morning.  Today she took the same route as I and caught up to me near Honaker, VA.  She stopped for a short visit, then went ahead to Rosedale, VA.  In about an hour I met her in Rosedale, where we will spend our first night in Virginia.

Miles today: 47    Total miles: 3,583


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