Posted by: bikedave | September 4, 2010

September 4, Hindman, KY to Elkhorn City, KY

Looking back at our parking spot as I left in the morning.

The rain continued until after dark last night.  We continued to hear a few raindrops on the roof all night.  In the morning I expected to see that the ground was wet, but I was wrong.  It had been foggy all night.  The fog would form drops on the trees we were parked under.  It was those drops from the trees that we had been hearing.
The first few miles this morning were in moderate traffic, but the rest of the day was spent mostly on lightly traveled roads.

Near Mallie, KY

All along this valley, the mountain to my left had no trees at the bottom of it. I suspect this may have something to do with mining. Northeast of Pippa Passes, KY

I passed by a few coal mines that were near enough to the road that I could see the conveyors angled down into the ground.  Another large mine that I passed was at the top of a mountain.

Mountain top surface mine near Virgie, KY

Two of the roads I was on today were less than two lanes wide with almost no traffic.

This road narrows to one lane as it goes around the curve ahead. Near Ashcamp, KY

From Ashcamp to Elkhorn City the road follows Elk Creek downstream.  This made for a nice easy finish to the day.  Vicki was waiting for me as I entered Elkhorn City.  We loaded the bike and did some exploring.

Vicki and I at the Russell Fork River overlook southeast of Elkhorn City KY.

Looking down to the Russel Fork River.

This Quilt square was painted on the side of a building in Elkhorn City, KY

We had a good dinner at The Rusty Fork restaurant in Elkhorn City, then walked across the street to a red train caboose on the corner.  There we met Mr. McCoy who runs a river sports business with 3 locations in the area.  He is actually a descendant of the real McCoys that feuded with the Hatfields in the Kentucky – West Virginia border area over a hundred years ago.  Some of his ancestors were Hatfields also.

Mr. McCoy at his Elkhorn City location.

We had a conversation about the water sports business and learned that white water kayaking can be done in the area year around.  There is lots more information and pictures on his websites:

Miles today: 62    Total miles: 3,536


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