Posted by: bikedave | September 3, 2010

September 3, Booneville, KY to Hindman, KY

In Booneville last night, we stayed at the Presbyterian Church.  They have set aside part of their lawn behind the building for cycling tourists to camp, and have made available showers and a portable toilet.  We parked in the adjacent parking lot.
The weather for today was forecast to start out foggy, clear off, then rain in the afternoon as a cold front passed.  This time those weather guys got it right.  Fortunately for me, I was only rained on for about 20 minutes while riding.  After I finished riding in Hindman however, it started raining off and on and continues as I write this.
The route today was through a mountainous area.  The hills were long and often had steep sections on them.  I was reminded a bit of riding in the coastal mountains of Oregon.
East of Boonveville, I rode past a very pretty church on a hill above the far bank of the creek that ran next to the road.

The Cow Creek Presbyterian Church near Booneville, KY

Some of the beautiful grounds at the Cow Creek Presbyterian Church

Cow Creek, near Booneville, KY

There seems to be more water in the creeks as I travel east.  I passed by many creeks that were flowing today.  In the Troublesome Creek near Emmalena, KY, I passed two blue herons in the water below me.  Usually a heron will fly before I get anywhere near it, but these two stayed put as I passed.
In the town of Buckhorn, KY, there is a large church built in the style of a log house.

Log cathedral, Buckhorn, KY. Built in 1907

Kentucky has a large population of dogs.  Many of them are overjoyed to see me ride by on my bike.  They will come running from their yards, as fast as they can, to join me in the street, all the time barking at the top of their lungs, urging me onward.  Unfortunately, most of the dog owners keep their dogs chained or fenced in, so they can only show their joy by barking and snarling as I pass.

One of my furry friends wishing me Godspeed.

Quilt squares on a hangar at the airport near Chavies, KY

There was a 13 mile stretch before reaching Dwarf, KY which was quite busy.

Highway 80 near Hazard,KY

From Dwarf to Hindman the road was mostly lightly traveled.  The road ran beside a creek and went through some small towns.
Just east of Dwarf, in Fisty, KY, I stopped to chat with two men on their front porch.  The owner of the house, Weo, was very nice. He gave me his phone number and insisted that I call him if I had any trouble on the road to Hindman.  When I left, he sent some banana peppers from his garden away with me.

Weo Irick in front of his house. John is above on the porch to the left.

Weo is a big fan of Elvis.  Weo, I hope you get to Graceland some day.
It had been raining when I stopped at Weo’s house.  By the time I left the sun was out again, and the water on the pavement was turning to steam.  The ride into Hindman was quit pleasant.

Entering Hindman, KY

After I re-joined Vicki in Hindman, we went to the library.  They were having a book sale, and Vicki was able to re-stock our bookshelf.

Miles today: 64    Total miles: 3,474


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