Posted by: bikedave | September 2, 2010

September 2, Berea KY to Booneville, KY

Vicki was feeling much better this morning.  We drove to the spot where I stopped riding on Tuesday, unloaded the bike, then we both left at the same time.  Vicki drove to Booneville, KY to await my arrival.  When she arrived in Booneville, I had only gone 15 miles.
The sky was clear all day.  The temperature and humidity was comfortable until afternoon when it heated up a bit.  The first two thirds of the route was on 2 lane roads with no shoulder and moderate traffic.
About 5 miles after leaving Berea, I came to a big hill.  The town at the base of the hill was named Bighill.  Imagine that!  This was the longest climb I’ve seen in quite some time, but the grade was easy and there was a wide shoulder and a passing lane all the way to the top.

View from part way up the "big hill."

About 20 miles before reaching Booneville, I turned onto a smaller, lightly traveled road.  The scenery was beautiful, and the traffic did not increase much until just before I reached Booneville.

Near Mckee, KY

Near Vincent, KY

Most of the creeks I've seen lately have been either dry or stagnant. I was surprised to see this one flowing.

Vacant house near Vincent, KY

Farm house next to cornfield, near Vincent, KY

Just before reaching Booneville, I had a puncture on my rear tire.  A small piece of barbed wire was stuck straight into the center of the tread.  It went in about a half inch.  I rode into booneville as it was going flat, then found a place in the shade where I repaired it.  This is my second flat in 3,400 miles.
After repairing the flat I continued riding until I found the spot where Vicki had parked.  It was only about a quarter mile.  We’ll spend the night in Booneville,KY.

Miles today: 48    Total miles: 3,410



  1. That is some beautiful country Dave! Did you get a chance to sample some bourbon along the way? That’s prime bourbon country!

    I was also wondering how many flats you’ve had on the trip. Twice! That’s incredible. I took a short cut once on my mountain bike through a dry field in Livermore. I had a total of over 34 thorns! Time for new tubes, not patches!

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