Posted by: bikedave | August 31, 2010

August 31, Lancaster, KY to Berea KY

Last night we drove north from Lancaster and returned to the spot where I had stopped riding.  We spent the night in a church parking lot.
This morning the weather was clear and almost cool.  There was mist in the valleys and sunshine on the hilltops.

View from a ridge of hilltops rising above the mist.

The ride was mostly on small roads again today.  About 8 miles into the day, I made a wrong turn.  I did not discover it for about 4 miles.  I ended up riding about 9 extra miles, but the beautiful scenery made up for the extra work.  Also, I had the chance to speak to a local resident.  He’d lived there for 21 years since his retirement.  He was getting his boat ready to go fishing, and was getting around really well for an eighty year old.  He gave me directions to get back on my route, and told me that he has seen lots of bikes ride past, but he had never before had a long conversation with one of them.  Later in the day I checked Google Maps to find what had gone wrong.  There was a “T” intersection that was not mentioned in the directions on my map.  It was only a half mile before a “T” intersection where I was supposed to turn left.  I turned left at the unmapped intersection  thinking I was at the later one.  If I’d turned right I’d have stayed on the route.  I sent a map correction card in to the Adventure Cycling Association, the publisher of my maps.

Old house on a hill near Kirksville, KY

Many barns in the area are decorated with geometric patterns.

UPDATE: Thanks to John for his comment about the Kentucky Quilt Trail.  Here are some barn quilting links:Barn Quilting, Kentucky Quilt Trails”

Entering Berea, KY, there was a paved bike path from the edge of town to Berea College near downtown.

An interesting roof line on the Berea Community Elementary School.

Vicki was waiting for me about a mile past the center of town.  Her head was hurting, so we decided to call it a day and drove to a RV park for the night.

Miles today: 30    Total miles: 3,362



  1. Dave,
    Do you know why the barns have the geometric patterns on them? What do they mean?
    Your blog is so much fun to read, and the pictures have been a real joy. Thank you Thank you!!

    • Those are quilt patterns on the barns. They are part of the Kentucky Quilt Trail that go through various regions of the state.

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