Posted by: bikedave | August 30, 2010

August 30, Maud, KY to Lancaster, KY

The ride today again was mostly on lightly traveled back-roads.  A few of them were only 1 lane.  The day was cloudy and humid in the morning, then partly cloudy and humid for the rest of the day.
My first stop of the day was a the Lincoln Homestead State Park.  The park is at the location of the home that President Lincoln’s father lived in just before his marriage to Lincoln’s mother.  They have built a replica of the house on the original site.  Lincoln’s mothers house was moved to the site from about a mile away.

This is a replica of the house Lincoln's father lived in before his marriage.

Lincoln's mother lived in this house before her marriage.

Just past the state park, I passed a vineyard.  This is the first vineyard I’ve seen since eastern Missouri.  Vicki saw a vineyard today on her route also. (south of my route)

Vineyard North of Springfield, KY

KY 438, north of Springfield, KY

One lane road near Fenwick, KY

I stopped along the way to look at this colt and his mother.

Traffic was heaviest around and between Harrodsburg and Burgin, then eased.  East of Burgin, KY, I pulled off the road while a funeral procession passed by.
The bridge over Lake Harrington was about a hundred feet above the water.  It was two lanes with no shoulder, but traffic was so light that I didn’t worry about stopping to enjoy the view.

Crossing over lake Harrington, east of Burgin, KY

Further east I turned onto Jack Turner Rd, a one lane road that follows a small creek up a canyon for a mile and a half.  Most of the way was lush green with trees growing together over the road. The shade was most welcome in the early afternoon heat.
Four miles later, I met Vicki in front of a small road-side store north of Lancaster, KY.  We had a locally made soda, Ale81.  Ale81 is like ginger-ale.  They have been bottling it in Winchester, KY since 1926.  After our soda, we loaded the bike and drove into Lancaster.

Miles today: 59    Total miles: 3,332


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