Posted by: bikedave | August 29, 2010

August 29, Hodgenville, KY to Maud, KY

Near Buffalo, KY

Most of the ride today was on lightly traveled back-roads.  There were fewer big farms and more small farms and country estates.

One of the larger farms I saw today. Near Howardstown, KY

The tobacco harvest is in full swing here.  I’ve seen leaves on the roadway, and been passed by pickup trucks pulling small flatbeds for transporting the leaves to the barns.

The tobacco on the right has had the leaves cut and stacked on a stake in preparation for hanging in the barn.

Country estates with horse pasture near Bardstown, KY

The area around Bardstown was the only place that there was much traffic today.  I passed by two warehouse complexes entering and leaving Bardstown.  Each had at least a dozen large multi-story buildings.  There was lots of open space between the buildings.  The buildings were used to house Bourbon and probably other spirits.  I guess this is where a lot of the corn I’ve been riding by will end up.

I didn't stop for a taste. Heaven Hill Distillery, Bardstown, KY

Tobacco barn near Maud, KY

I met Vicki at a crossroad just past Maud, KY. We loaded up the bike and drove to Perryville, about 25 miles away.  Near Perryville is the sight of the largest Civil War battle in Kentucky.  We visited the battlefield and museum before returning to Springfield (near Maud) for the night.

Miles today: 57    Total miles: 3,273



  1. Just found this site today. Nice documentation of your travels.

    On September 3 you were traveling through Fisty, Kentucky and stopped by the house of my childhood friend named Weo. Weo was born and reared in Phelps, Kentucky which is in the most extreme east point of Kentucky and is where I still live.

    Sadly we lost Weo today and finding your picture and the note of his accomodating nature eased the pain somewhat.

    Thank you again. Brent Wagner

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