Posted by: bikedave | August 28, 2010

August 28, Madrid, KY to Hodgenville, KY

Parked in a church lot near Madrid, KY at the start of today's ride.

In the morning we drove back north to Madrid, KY where I had stopped riding on Monday afternoon.  I left about 2 hours before Vicki.  We would be taking different routes for the first 30 miles.
The first 19 miles of my route was along the same route we drove on Monday when we left Madrid for Indy.  In the RV on Monday the drive was difficult on narrow twisty roads with steep hills.  Surprisingly, on the bicycle the experience was much more pleasant.

My last view of the Rough River

My route took me across the Rough River, over the Western Kentucky Parkway, and on to Sonora, KY where we planned to meet for lunch.  Just before Sonora I came upon a tobacco barn.  I spoke to the farmer who told me that the tobacco leaves had already been cut and would be put in the barn on Monday.  The leaves would then age in the barn for 6 to 8 weeks.

Tobacco barn

The sides of the barn open to provide ventilation.

The inside of the barn

After lunch in Sonora, we continued on to Hodgenville, KY where we loaded the bike and drove to the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park.

The two of us in front of the spring used by Lincoln's family for water.

The Lincoln Memorial building, near Hodgenville, KY

Miles today: 41    Total miles: 3,216


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