Posted by: bikedave | August 24, 2010

August 23, Utica, KY to Madrid, KY

I started the day today with biscuits and gravy from a little store in Utica.  After breakfast, I began riding east.  The roads on the first part of the route were lightly traveled.  It was cooler this morning than it has been for a while.  It was still humid, and there were a few patches of ground fog that I rode through.

Morning mist in western Kentucky

One of my main concerns in the morning, when the sun is low on the horizon ahead of me, is being seen by the cars coming up from behind me.  I keep a close watch in my mirror as they approach in case I need to get out of the way.

Before this area was settled, it was covered in hardwood forest.  East of Utica, I rode through an area that had not been cleared except for the roadway.

Through the forest

Looking into the trees from the roadside

Farm house overlooking a soybean field, with forest in the background

Corn and soybeans south of Whitesville, KY

Whitesville was the largest  town I rode through today, Population 632.  The next 17 miles was on a moderately busy two lane highway.  The heavier traffic required most of my attention on this stretch of road.

Next, I turned off onto a lightly traveled road that would take me through the small settlement of Falls Of Rough, KY.  I stopped to eat a sandwich.  While I was eating I watched the many different types of butterflies all around me.  Through Missouri, Illinois, and now Kentucky there has been an abundance of butterflies.  A few types, I recognize, but most are new to me.

I stopped here on the way to Falls Of Rough.

The route next took me around the Rough River Reservoir.  It passed over the dam and crossed the reservoir in two places.

A small part of the Rough River Reservoir, seen from the dam. The Reservoir has 2 main arms that are each about 15 miles long.

Soon I arrived at the small crossroads named Madrid, KY.  Vicki had already arrived by a different route.  We loaded up the bike and drove north to Indianapolis, IN.  We will be visiting Vicki’s aunt, uncle and cousins.  Next we plan to visit the Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.  I will not be back on the bike until the end of the week.

Miles today: 60    Total miles: 3,175


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