Posted by: bikedave | August 22, 2010

August 22, Marion, KY to Utica, KY

Most of the ride today was on gently rolling hills.  The steeper hills were short and infrequent.  The roads were lightly traveled, mostly with no shoulder.

Looking west, east of Marion, KY

There was quite a bit of pasture land near the beginning of the trip.  As I continued, I saw more and more farmland.  The land is hilly so the field and pasture boundaries do not form rectangles, but follow the various creeks and roads.

Hilltop pasture near Clay, KY

Corn and soybean fields near Dixon,KY

View from a hilltop near Sebree, KY

On the road between Dixon and Sebree I reached another milestone, I had completed three fourths of my planned trip.
In Sebree,Ky, I stopped at a C store for something cold drink. This was the first store that I had seen open in any of the towns that I had passed through thus far today.  I’m guessing that in this part of the country most everything is closed on Sundays.

Downtown Sebree, KY, Sunday at noon.

East of Sebree, I passed the first tobacco field that I would see on this trip.  A little further and I would see two more.

Tobacco, Mclean County, KY

I finished the day’s ride in Utica, KY.  Vicki had driven there by a different route and was waiting for me.

Miles today: 69    Total miles: 3,115



  1. 3/4 of the way! Awesome.

  2. Pretty cool Dave Kentucky is a pretty you miss oregon a little???well I just talked to you and got you caught up on the gossip I’m going to look back at the rest of your trip so far …take care I will call you later

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