Posted by: bikedave | August 19, 2010

August 19, Rockwood, IL to Goreville, IL

Vicki was up to driving this morning.  She’s a lot better but still not 100%.  We both left at the same time from Rockwood.  Vicki drove the main roads, and I took some back-roads with less traffic.  Our paths separated after only about 2 miles when I turned off the highway onto the road on top of the levee.
I soon came to a Kinder-Morgan coal trans-load facility.

Large piles of coal

Rail cars and conveyors

It looks like rail cars are unloaded here, then the coal is moved by conveyor, over the levee to barges on the Mississippi River. (Out of view to the right in the above picture)

Looking south from the top of the levee. The Mississippi can be seen through the trees to the right.

After a bit, I dropped down off of the levee into the farmland behind it.  I saw mostly corn, with some soybeans and 1 sorghum field.  There were ponds and creeks among the fields, and every so often I would see a pump-house at the end of a creek next to the levee.
In this pond the lily-pads were about a foot in diameter.

I rode up to this lone tree, and about a half dozen egrets that had been perched in the tree took flight.

This one stayed behind.

I saw many egrets and hereon in the water as I rode.  They nearly always took flight before I came close.

Creek near Gorham, IL

I soon left the bottom lands and entered the hills east of the river.  I went through the towns of Murphysboro and Carbondale, then southeast past Little Grassy Lake and Devil’s Kitchen Lake.

Little Grassy Lake

Between the two lakes

East of Devil's Kitchen Lake

I continued southeast to the town of Goreville, IL.  Vicki was waiting there and had given me a very good description of her location including cross streets.  I must have been pretty tired when I got there because I rode right bast the RV only about 50 feet away and didn’t notice it.  I rode about another quarter mile before I realized I’d messed up.  We had a good laugh about it when I finally found her.
After a shower we went to dinner and had a very nice meal of rib steak and smoked chicken.

Miles today: 64    Total miles: 2,975


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