Posted by: bikedave | August 19, 2010

August 16,17, and 18, Rockwood, IL

Our roadside campsite in Rockwood, IL

The view of Rockwood from our campsite.

That’s pretty much the whole downtown of Rockwood in the above picture.  The large building is a church, the small building is the Post Office, and the city park is behind and to the left of the Post Office.

We were planning to stay in Rockwood overnight after arriving on Sunday.  Unfortunately, Sunday night Vicki had a migraine come on.  It turned out to be the worst one of the trip so far. When these headaches come on, all you can do is let them run their course.  Like a trooper, she offered to drive on Wednesday morning, but she was still in a lot of pain so we decided to wait one more day.

During our down time I amused myself on Monday by cleaning and lubing the drive-train of my bike.  On Tuesday the weather was really nice.  I sat in the shade on a folding camp chair most of the day reading a couple paperbacks.  Thursday, I walked across the street to the post office.  The postmaster was very generous with her time.  I learned a lot about the local area.  For instance, did you know that there are cougars and black bears in southern Illinois?  She told me that in the flood of 1993 the water would have been above the roof on our RV in the spot where we were now parked.

There was no wi-fi in Rockwood, so I was unable to post blog updates while we were there.

Vicki was starting to recover by Wednesday night, and we made plans to leave on Thursday morning.


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