Posted by: bikedave | August 19, 2010

August 15, Farmington, MO to Rockwood, IL

Today was again cloudy for most of the morning.  The humidity was still quite high, so there was some mist in the air early.
The route today had rolling hills, a few steep hills and also some flat areas.  Traffic was light for most of the route.

Mostly flat just east of Farmington, MO

I passed a few vineyards in Ste. Genevieve County, MO

And this apple orchard

As I continued east, the hills were more frequent and steeper.

Near Coffman, MO

These turkeys were very vocal

A nice house near Ozora, MO

In the hills west of the Mississippi

I crossed over interstate 55, then over a few more hills before reaching St. Mary, MO.

Corn and Soybeans line the road to St. Mary, MO

Soon the road dropped down into the Mississippi Valley.

First stretch of flat land since Kansas

I rode through the flat river bottom farmlands for about 8 miles before crossing the Mississippi River bridge.  When I was half way across the bridge, Vicki unexpectedly caught up to me from behind and followed me to the other side.  It was nice to have her back there.  I was confident she would not try to pass me at the wrong time on the narrow bridge.

View of the Mississippi River bridge from Chester, IL

Barge traffic on the river

I'm east of the Mississippi at last.

From Chester, I rode south along the river to Rockwood, IL.  Vicki met me in Rockwood, where we will spend the night.

Coal barge near Rockwood, IL

Miles today: 56    Total miles: 2,911


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