Posted by: bikedave | August 14, 2010

August 14, Centerville, MO to Farmington, MO

When I started riding this morning the sky was overcast and threatening rain.  I felt a few raindrops along the way but that was all.  The clouds, however, remained for most of the day with only occasional sunshine.  This change in the weather kept the temperature down, but the humidity remained high.
On the ride today I crossed the West, Middle, and East fork of the Black River before I had gone 15 miles.  There were some steep hills, but not as many as in the last few days.

Between the Middle and East Forks of the Black River

East Fork Black River

After crossing the East Fork of the Black River the road followed the river upstream for the next 11 miles.  The grade was slight and there were few hills.

The road along the East Fork Black River near Graniteville, MO

Most of the roadside in this area was forest, but there were a few cleared areas and a few houses on the roadside.

After I passed Graniteville, the route through Iron Mountain and Bismark, MO had a slight downgrade with few hills.  North of Bismark, I turned off of the main road onto Old Bismark Rd.  It was a nice narrow road with very little traffic that followed the railroad tracks.

Houses along Old Bismark Rd.

I next entered St. Joe State Park.  In the park they have an eleven mile loop of paved bike paths though pine-oak savanna.  I rode on about 5 miles of the loop and another 2 miles on a spur that leads into Farmington, MO.  It was a nice trail with mostly easy grades.  The pavement was in good condition.  I only saw two other riders, which surprised me this being Saturday.

Bike path in St. Joe State Park near Farmington, MO

Looking into the forest from the bike path

I rode into Farmington, where I met Vicki on the east side of town.  We loaded the bike, then went to look for some internet access so we could upload the last three days of blog entries.

The Saint Francois County Courthouse, Farmington, MO

Miles today: 54    Total miles: 2,855



  1. 2855? almost there Dave

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