Posted by: bikedave | August 14, 2010

August 12, Fairview, MO to Alley Spring, MO

At first light, I drove back to the church in Fairview to start the day’s ride.  The first seven miles were along the hilltops between two drainages.

Early risers.

Hilltop pasture near Fairview, MO

About 3 miles before reaching Bucyrus, MO, I stopped on top of a hill that had a view of the horizon to the south.  I could see row after row of hills off in the distance.

Click for larger photo. Near Bucyrus, MO

From that point, it was mostly downhill for the next five miles until I crossed the Big Piney River.
In Houston, MO I stopped at a Subway to buy a sandwich for later.
Near the town of Eunice, I saw some large birds eating insects as they walked through a field.  For birds almost as large as a hen turkey, they could really move quickly to catch their meal.  I had seen a larger flock yesterday, but they never came close enough to get a good look at them.

Guinea Fowl

Just before entering Summersville, MO, I reached the point where two thirds of the trip has been completed.
Vicki caught up to me in Summersville.  We visited for about 20 minutes while I ate my sandwich.  We both left to meet again in Alley Spring, MO, where we will spend the night at a campground in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways.
After meeting in Alley Spring, and setting up camp we went for a walk.  I almost stepped on this little toad.

The toad was very near a fire ring in an unoccupied campsite.  Vicki shepherded him away into the bushes so he would be safe from future occupants of the campsite.

He sure blends in well with the background.

Later on, when we were on our way to the campground’s evening program, we saw a smaller toad that was much darker in color.

Miles today: 52    Total miles: 2,754



  1. Great progress Dave. Beautiful pictures as always. That sunrise with the cows in the foreground is just stunning. What a joy that must have been to experience that!


  2. Still following your progress from the Barnard Library in La Crosse, KS. Glad to see you still moving on and still safe. Vicki’s migraines sound bad–so thankful it doesn’t plague me. I have a sister and a cousin who struggle with migraines. Keep up the good work. Linda

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