Posted by: bikedave | August 11, 2010

August 11, Marshfield, MO to Fairview, MO

The first fifteen miles of today’s ride was again quite hilly, cutting across many creeks along the way.

Watch for wagons!

The signs warned of horse drawn vehicles, and sure enough, as I came over a hill there was one at the bottom coming towards me.  I was not sure how a horse would react to seeing a bicycle, so I pulled off the road and waited for it to pass.  There was one horse pulling the wagon with a man and woman in the front and three kids in the back.  The man and the kids were all wearing straw hats.  They all waved to me as they passed, and I waved back.  About two miles later, I went by a farm where I saw a man and a boy standing on a plough being pulled by a team of two horses.  Again we exchanged waves.
Soon after crossing into Wright County, the road began to follow the Woods Fork of the Gasconade River downstream to Hartville, MO.  There were fewer hills and lots of downhill stretches until just before Hartville where there was a very steep uphill, a little less than a mile in length.

Looking across the valley of the Woods Fork, Gasconade River

I stopped for breakfast in Hartville for about a half hour.  The Woods Fork joins the Gasconade River just east of Hartville.  I crossed the Gasconade near their confluence then followed the river for about eight more miles before beginning a slight climb to Bendavis, MO.

Pasture on the hilltops near Bendavis, MO

I stopped in Bendavis at a farm / grocery store.  I had a conversation with the clerk, Ben, while I drank some sweet tea and cooled off.  I then resumed my ride.  It was only a few miles further to my destanation for the day, Fairview, MO.

The 1915 Alice School sits midway between Bendavis and Fairview, MO

Fairview is at the top of the last hill

I rode to Fairview, where Vicki waited in a small church parking lot.  We chose not to try and stay there because it was Wednesday and they had an evening service scheduled.  We loaded up and drove back to Bendavis where we obtained permission to camp in the store parking lot.  In the morning we’ll drive back to Fairview to resume the bike trip.

Miles today: 48    Total miles: 2,702


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