Posted by: bikedave | August 2, 2010

August 2, Larned, KS to Nickerson, KS

Most of today’s ride was on smaller roads with light traffic.  The sky was clear and the wind was coming from over my right shoulder.
Vicki and I both left after breakfast.  She continued on to Nickerson to wait for me.
Just south of Larned I passed another large feedlot.  I was seeing the same mixture of crops and range lands with a few oil wells mixed in that I had been seeing for the past few days.  It seems like the grass is greener as I go east.  I’m certainly seeing more water holes and creeks with water in them than I had been a few days ago.
I passed a few soybean fields today for the first time.
Just before reaching the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, I passed an armadillo that was dead on the roadway.  I didn’t know that there were armadillos in Kansas.  I thought they were only found further south, but I’ve since learned that their range is expanding.
Mixed short and long grass prairie can be seen in the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.

Looking north in the Quivira National Wildlife Refuge, KS

The road through Quivira NWR

Leaving the refuge, I saw only cattle ranches for the first few miles.

It was getting pretty hot!

East of the refuge, I rode for 5 miles before I was passed by a car.

The road east of the Refuge

The last 7 miles into Nickerson was via KS 96 which was much busier.
Vicki was waiting for me in the Nickerson High School parking lot.

Miles today: 59   Total miles: 2,302



  1. Good Morning Vicki and Dave, Wow!! You have really made progress since we met in White Bird, Id. Keep er’ going and good luck with the wind at your back. Pat

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