Posted by: bikedave | July 30, 2010

July 30, Dighton, KS to Rush Center, KS

I started the ride today at the Lane County Fairgrounds in Dighton, KS.  It was about a mile ride to get back to where I left off last night near the center of town.
My goal for the day was to reach Alexander, KS, where I should have a package waiting for me at the post office.
The first 32 miles went quickly.  The wind was coming from over my right shoulder and the road was slightly downhill.  I arrived in Ness City, KS, 32 miles away, in less than two hours.  I bought a bottle of tea, then sat down on a low fence that surrounded the county courthouse to drink it and eat a sandwich.

Ness County Courthouse

As I rode slowly through Ness City, I saw a building that was a block off the main highway that stood out from the others both because of it’s height and beauty.  I turned off the highway to get a better look.

Ness County Bank Building, Ness City, KS

In Bazine, KS I noticed a bike parked in front of a small cafe I was passing.  I circled back and laid my bike against the building.  The building must have been a bar at one time.  There were no windows, only a solid door on one corner.  I tried to go in, but the door was locked.  A moment later a lady opened the door.  They were not open for another 15 minutes but she offered to let me come in anyway.  The cyclist was at the counter eating breakfast.  I sat down with him and ordered an iced tea.  The cyclist, Dave, was heading west on a mountain bike, carrying an eighty pound pack on his back.  Wow!  Dave, I, and two ladies working the restaurant had a conversation about why we tour, and about other subjects.  After a while my phone rang.  Vicki was leaving Dighton and planned to meet me in Alexander.
I left the restaurant about five minutes later, rode eight miles, and arrived in Alexander, KS just moments before Vicki.
In Alexander I went to the post office.  My package was waiting for me.  Thanks, Rick!
I had made good time to Alexander, and the temperature was still pleasant, so I decided to continue on to Rush Center, KS, about 13 more miles.  We both left at the same time.
A few miles outside of Alexander, I rode by a Post Rock fence.  Back in the day, limestone fence posts were used because of the scarcity of wood.  The average weight of these posts was between 200 and 400 pounds.

Post Rock fence, near Alexander, KS

Look at the groves worn into the limestone post

About 4 miles before reaching Rush Center I rode past this field of purple blossoms.  The fragrance was heavenly.

Fragrant blossoms

I met Vicki in Rush Center.  We loaded the bike and drove to La Crosse, KS, about 5 miles north.  In La Crosse, there is a library with internet access.  The stone library building was constructed by the Works Progress Administration in 1937.  It is a beautiful building, with high ceilings and exposed beams in the interior.  The library is named in honor of Howard Barnard in recognition of his extensive work promoting the education of young people in the first part of the 20th century.

The Barnard Library, La Crosse, KS

Vicki searched through some books that the library had for sale, while I brought the blog up to date.  We both finished just as the library was closing.  On the walkway in front of the library we had an interesting conversation with Linda after she had closed the library for the night.  We talked about the history of the library, and she suggested that we would enjoy visiting the Fort Larned National Historic Site.  We plan to return to Rush Center for the night, and to stop at Fort Larned tomorrow.

Vicki and I in front of the Barnard Library

Miles today: 64   Total miles: 2,213



  1. We surely did enjoy our visit with you at the Barnard Library. I couldn’t stop thinking about your adventure–how brave you both are…and so interesting to visit with. Hope Linda gets your picture in the Rush County News with a blurb about your plans. The Barnard is where things are happening!

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