Posted by: bikedave | July 27, 2010

July 27, Olney Springs, CO to Eads, CO

Early this morning I left Olney Springs headed east on Highway 96. I had only gone a few miles when I passed a corn field.   I did not see any more corn for the rest of the day.

I did not expect to see corn this far west.

Yesterday, I learned that the rail line which runs next to highway 96 is no longer in service, but is used to store surplus rail cars.  I had seen groups of rail cars parked on the tracks for about five miles before reaching Olney Springs, but I hadn’t given it much thought.  Today I’ve continued to see more of the same cars as I ride east.  There would be a long group of cars hooked together, then a small open space, followed by another long group of cars.    All together there were cars stored for most of more than 30 miles of track.

Rail cars stored near Sugar City, CO

All of the rail cars are of the type that are used to transport automobiles.  At the peak a few years ago the auto industry sold 17 million cars a year.  This year there might be 11 or 12 million sold.   I hope there will be a need for those surplus rail cars in the future.

I had breakfast at a cafe in Sugar City, CO, then continued eastbound.  I hadn’t seen any antelope for a few days, but saw some today east of Sugar City.

Antelope east of Sugar City, CO

In Arlington, CO I took a break at a picnic table under the shade of a big tree that had been provided for travelers.  As I was leaving, I saw a horse and foal in a corral.

Corral in Arlington, CO

Just passed Arlington, I crossed over Adobe Creek. I had expected it to be dry, like all the other creeks and washes that I had gone over today, but was surprised to see some water under the bridge.   As I crossed over the bridge,  the shape of a fish in the water caught my eye and I doubled back for a better look.  The creek was not flowing, but there was a large pond that extended north under the bridge.  In the water I saw some carp, and some bluegill or perch.

Pond in the Adobe Creek bed

Carp seen from above

I stopped in Haswell, CO for a cold iced tea and a short break.

Looking back west from near Haswell, CO. The clouds on the horizon are probably over the Rockies.

Vicki passed me about 5 miles past Haswell, and continued on to Eads, CO.   I reached her in about an hour and a half.

One thing that was constant today was the large number of grass hoppers on the roadway. As I would ride, they would jump up sometimes hitting my legs or chest.  Occasionally I would hear one go through my spokes.  There were so many of them that nothing could be done to avoid them.  Vicki also experienced the same thing in the motor home.  When she reached Eads, the front of the RV was covered in grasshopper guts.

RV vs Grasshoppers

Miles today: 72 Total miles: 2,021



  1. bet ya wasn;t smiling that day

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