Posted by: bikedave | July 27, 2010

July 26, 14 miles west of Pueblo, CO to Olney Springs, CO

This morning we drove back to the spot, near Lake Pueblo, where I finished riding yesterday.  We unloaded the bike and I began riding east.  After a few minutes, Vicki passed me on her way to Pueblo, where she would wait for me.
The ride into Pueblo was over rolling hills on a road with a wide shoulder.  There were a series of dry washes where I could race downhill, cross over the wash, then zoom up the other side.  Occasionally, I would reach the top of the hill before slowing down to the speed that would be normal for the grade.
After passing by the Lake Pueblo dam, I followed the Arkansas River to Pueblo.
Vicki was waiting for me on the west end of town.  We loaded the bike, and set off to do some errands.  We emptied our holding tanks, filled our fresh water tank, and filled our fuel tank.  Next we went to the library to use their internet access to update the blog.  We then returned to the spot where we had first met in Pueblo and unloaded the bike.
We would be taking different routes through the city.  We both left, planning to meet in Olney Springs, CO.
My route took me through a big park, past the zoo, and past the library where we had been earlier.  On the way out of town I stopped at a food stand and bought a lengua burrito.  I ate half and saved the rest for later.
My route east from Pueblo would again follow the Arkansas River until a few miles before reaching Olney Springs.  I would only see the water a few times, but I could usually see were the river was by the trees which lined its banks.
The road was a divided 4 lane highway until US50 and CO96 split 14 miles from Pueblo.  It was close to being flat, with only slight up or down grades all the way to Olney Springs.

Miles of straight flat road east of the Rockies

The line of trees on the horizon is on the banks of the Arkansas River, near Avondale, CO.

There was a nice shady park in Boone, CO where I stopped to rest for about 20 minutes.
The route east of Pueblo runs next to a set of railroad tracks.  The road crosses the tracks twice between Boone and Olney springs.

Crossing the tracks near Boone,CO

As it got later in the day the temperature rose to the low 90s.  There were few opportunities to rest in the shade.  I had gone about five miles since my last shady rest stop, when I saw some trees ahead that looked like they might be close enough to the road that I might be able to reach their shade.

Trees ahead

I was in luck.  One of the trees shaded a driveway.  The owner had provided a bench near their gate for the use of passing cyclists.

Rest stop

I was able to sit in the shade for about 20 minutes before continuing on to Olney Springs.
Vicki had found a shaded parking spot in Olney Springs that looked ideal for spending the night.  When I arrived we loaded the bike. After I changed my clothes and rested a little, we walked to KiKi’s Place, a restaurant at the east end of town.  While drinking iced tea and sharing a brownie,  we had a long, enjoyable conversation, first with the restaurant owner, Shannon, then later with two of  her customers, Jenny and Cheryl.  Meeting such nice people truly multiplies the pleasure of taking a trip like this.

Miles today: 55   Total miles: 1,949


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