Posted by: bikedave | July 26, 2010

July 25, Canon City, CO to 14 miles west of Pueblo, CO

In the morning, we drove back to Canon City, CO.  We had Subway sandwiches before unloading the bike and starting the ride for today.  We left at the same time, with Vicki driving ahead to find a spot to wait for me near Lake Pueblo.
I rode east through Lincoln Park and Brookside to Florence, CO on Highway 115.  This route skirts the south edge of the Arkansas River Valley.  The mobile home parks and modest single family homes in Canon City soon gave way to lush green fields of grass.

Near Lincoln Park, CO

Near Florence, CO

Traffic was light on this part of the ride.  The terrain was mostly slight downhill and it was still early enough to have light winds.
When I  first entered Florence, there were many large shade trees lining the streets.   Downtown was about three blocks long, with lots of older brick buildings.

Downtown Florence, CO

I turned south on Highway 67 to begin a climb of about 700 feet over the next 11 miles.

Colorado sky over Highway 67, near Florence, CO

Once I left the area of the river the land appeared much dryer.  I saw some more of the spiny looking plants that I had seen on Friday.

About 2 miles from Florence, I passed a large federal prison. The stretch of road between Florence and Wetmore was quite a bit busier than Hwy 115, but for some reason most of the traffic was coming towards me.

Looking north from Wetmore, CO

In Wetmore, CO I turned east again for the run into Pueblo.  The road was mostly downhill, but by this time the wind had come up to a moderate headwind and took some of the fun out of the downhills.
Vicki was waiting for me near Lake Pueblo.  We loaded up the bike, then drove back west to a better spot to spend the night.

Miles today: 36 Total miles: 1,894


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