Posted by: bikedave | July 26, 2010

July 24, Rest Day, Colorado Springs, CO

We spent the day with my brother, Rick and his family.  We all drove to Manitou Springs, then walked to three of the springs before we had lunch.  The water that flows from each spring contains different amounts of dissolved minerals and gases.  One of the springs had water that tasted like club soda.
We had lunch at a restaurant that is one of Kim’s favorites, Adams Mountain Cafe.  The menu might be described as international – hippie – yuppie cuisine.  Everyone thought that their selection was very good, with one exception.  Rick’s grandson, Leo, did not care for the chicken strips that were ordered for him from the children’s menu, but he quickly changed his mind when he learned that he would be having an ice cream cone for dessert if he finished his lunch.  Given the opportunity, I would not hesitate to dine at Adam’s again.  Great suggestion Kim!
After lunch, we visited a few of the many small stores that cater to tourists.

After lunch, Manitou Springs, CO

We took the long way back to Rick and Kim”s house so that we could see some more of the sights.

Parked in the McKenna's driveway

The afternoon was spent relaxing while watching a movie and doing laundry.  Rick and Kim collaborated on a great dinner of green salad, fresh sweet corn, BBQ rib steaks, and watermelon.  After dinner we all piled into the motor-home to watch Nigel, the corn eating cat, devour corn-on-the-cob.

Vicki and I could not have enjoyed our visit more.  I hope we can get together again soon.


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