Posted by: bikedave | July 25, 2010

July 23, Hartsel, CO to Canon City, CO

Late in the morning, after enjoying breakfast burritos from Dorothy’s, we both left Hartsel, CO.  Vicki drove ahead to Canon City, CO to wait for me.
The first 16 miles of the ride was through gently rolling grass covered hills with a climb up to Current Creek Pass (9,404 ft).

Hwy 9, south of Hartsel, CO

As I neared the pass, I entered a pine forest.  From Current Creek Pass to Canon City the road descends about 4,000 feet.  There are a few climbs but it is mostly down hill.

Just south of Current Creek Pass

Again, just south of Current Creek Pass

As I descended in elevation, the trees became less dense.

Near Guffey, CO

At one of the ranches along the way, there were some buffalo.  They seemed smaller than the animals we saw in Yellowstone.  I don’t know if they were young, or a different breed, or if having a fence between them and me just makes them seem smaller.

Captive buffalo

As I continued to descend, there were fewer trees and more grass and bushes.  The temperature kept increasing and I began to see some spiny looking plants, and a few cactus.

Near the junction of CO9 and US50

At the junction of CO9 and US50, I could see off in the distance the Royal Gorge Bridge.  It spans  the canyon of the Arkansas River, and is over a thousand feet above the water.

Royal Gorge Bridge

As I descended the last thousand feet into Canon City, the temperature continued to rise.  I was glad to finally reach Vicki and to enjoy a cold drink.
We loaded up the bike and drove to Colorado Springs where we will take a day off and visit my brother, Rick, and his family.

Miles today: 56 Total miles: 1,858


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