Posted by: bikedave | July 21, 2010

July 20, 4 miles west of Granby, CO to 10 miles north of Silverthorne CO

Early in the morning we left our camp to return to the place I stopped riding on the Sunday.  Before we had exited the park, I saw a female moose with her baby near the road.  When I stopped to take a photo she was spooked and began to run.

Head down, trying to keep up with Mama.

It was only a few miles further that I saw a herd of Elk grazing on the side of the road.

Young elk

Some of their mothers

I parked the RV at the starting point for today’s ride, the junction of CO 125 and US 40.  I would first ride west on US 40 along the Colorado River for about 25 miles.

Colorado River, east of Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

Leaving the town of Hot Sulphur Springs, the road, the river, and the railroad all go through a steep, narrow, canyon for about 3 miles.

Colorado River, west of Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

I would leave the Colorado River after passing through the town of Kremmling, CO.

Colorado River, near Kremmling, CO

From Kremmling, I took CO Hwy 9 south, following the Blue River upstream towards Silverthorne, CO.  The traffic was much heavier, and there was no shoulder for the first 11 miles of Hwy 9.  When I reached Green Mountain Reservoir, I turned off on a small road that went around the west side of the reservoir.  This route was longer than staying on Hwy 9, but there was almost no traffic, and it was very pleasant.

Looking north across Green Mountain Reservoir

The small road ended at Hwy 9 south of the reservoir. Vicki had parked about 7.5 miles further south on Hwy 9.  When I reached her, we loaded up the bike and drove back about a mile to a nice campsite on the Blue River to spend the night.

By the Blue River just about 20 feet from our camp

Miles today: 57 Total miles: 1,734


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