Posted by: bikedave | July 17, 2010

July 16, Lamont, WY to Saratoga, WY

I left first this morning.  Vicki would follow later and we would meet in Rawlins, WY.

Shortly, I passed a small pond where cows and antelope had gathered.

Watering Hole

If you look carefully you can see an antelope in the picture, just above the cows and to the right.

There were more rabbits in this area than any other I’d been through.  They blend in with their background very well.

Hiding in plain sight.

I went by a few small dry lakes.  It was still early and the sun was low on the horizon.  It would reflect off some of the dry lakes and give the illusion of water.

No water here

I saw lots of antelope today.

Antelope in the Great Divide Basin

Later in the day between Rawlins and Sinclair an antelope ran across the road in front of me and ducked under a barbed wire fence like a dog.

After crossing a small corner of the Great Divide Basin, I began the climb back up to the Continental Divide.

The beginning of the climb to the Continental Divide

Looking back into the Great Divide Basin

Vicki left Lamont about the time I reached the Continental Divide, and passed me when I was about 5 miles from Rawlins.
We met at the library, but were unable to get internet access there as we had planned.  We drove around town for about a half hour until we could find an open wi-fi connection, update the blog, and check email.
Next we had lunch at The Aspen House restaurant.  Thanks Brad, for the recommendation.  The food was very good!
After lunch we toured the old state prison.

Old State Prison, Rawlins, WY

It was interesting, but also pretty creepy.  In the original cell block, there was no plumbing until the mid 1900s.  Human waste was thrown into a open sewer that ran the length of the cell block.  Yuk!

The interior of one of the cells

One of the guard towers in the prison yard

After seeing the prison, we returned to the library, where Vicki dropped me off before driving to Walcott, WY to wait for me.  There is nothing in Walcott but a service station and a big parking lot, just as I remember it from the days when Vicki and I were a truck driving team.  In the winter, if the winds were too strong we would exit the interstate here and take Highway 30 to Laramie, rather than going over Elk Mountain.
There is no road between Sinclair, WY and Walcott other than the interstate, so I rode my bike on the shoulder of I-80 for about 13 miles.

Out on the big road.

When I met Vicki at Walcott, I felt like riding some more, so we decided to meet again in Saratoga, WY, 20 miles to the south.  I had a nice ride over rolling hills with light traffic.  The temperature, which was pretty high in the afternoon, had come down, and the wind was at my back until it died down.  I arrived in Saratoga about a half hour after the sun went down.  This is the first time I’ve used my lights on this trip.

Miles today: 77 Total miles: 1,557


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