Posted by: bikedave | July 16, 2010

July 14, Fort Washakie, WY to 6 miles west of Sweetwater Station, WY

We left Fort Washakie together in the morning with plans to meet at the library in Lander, WY. It was an easy 15 miles in rolling hills, more down than up.  There were many cattle ranches along the way.  The grass was thick and green.

Great area for cattle, near Lander, Wy

Lander seems like the biggest town we have been in since leaving Oregon. I met Vicki at the Library, where we would have internet access.  After updating the blog we went to a restaurant to eat lunch.  The inside of the restaurant was decorated with western antiques, Indian art, and old wanted posters.  They had hung about 40 different cowboy hats around the room at the top of the walls.  Each one had a small plaque attached with a name on it.  I asked the waitress about the hats, and she told me that they were all from local working cowboys.

After lunch, we went shopping at Safeway.  What a treat! Really.  Lander has two bike shops.  We went to one so that I could buy another pair of gloves.  The ones I’ve been wearing are beginning to wear through.

We left Lander at the same time with plans to meet on the road somewhere in about 20 miles.  The first 9 miles were easy going.  The last 25 miles were up hill, the last 6 the steepest.

East of Lander, WY

Beginning to climb east of Lander, WY

Vicki was waiting for me at the bottom of the 6 mile climb to the top of Beaver Divide.  I rested and cooled off for about an hour before we continued.

Beaver Divide

Looking back into the valley from the top of Beaver Divide

When I finally reached the top, I saw that Vicki had found a nice parking spot just past the top of the climb. We decided to spend the night there.  From the RV we watched some antelope until it started to get dark.  We also saw a coyote make his way past us and up over a hill.

Looking northwest at dusk, the Wind River Mountains are in the distance.

The Wind River Mountain range stretches from the Togwotee Pass in the north to South Pass, about 40 miles south of Lander.  Many peaks in the range are over 13,000 feet.  It is believed that at one time the mountains were as high as 60,000 feet before erosion wore them down to their present height.  It is said that the rocks at the top of the mountains are some of the oldest rocks on the surface of the earth.

I have now completed one third of the cycling portion of our trip.

Miles today: 49 Total miles: 1,420


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