Posted by: bikedave | July 14, 2010

July 13, 16 mi east of Moran Jct. WY to Fort Washakie, WY

The first part of today’s ride would be the remainder of the climb to Togwotee Pass.  We spent the night at around 8500 feet, so that would leave only about 1150 feet to climb in a little over nine miles.

There was road construction at the top and on both sides of the pass.  In two areas, there was only one lane open with flaggers and pilot cars.  I was not allowed to ride through these areas, instead they had me put my bike in the back of the pickup that was being used as a pilot car, and I rode up front with the driver.  Between the two work zones, I rode for a total of 3 miles.

The last 3 miles before the summit was dirt road.

Dirt road in the construction zone

Vicki passed by me near the top of the hill and continued on to Dubois, WY where we planned to meet.

View near the top of Togwotee Pass

Small creek near Togwotee Pass

View near the top of Togwotee Pass

Looking back from the top of the pass

It was very windy at the top of the pass.  The wind direction was mostly from behind me but near the top it would shift quite a bit.  Sometimes it would suddenly switch to a headwind and nearly bring me to a stop as I climbed the hill.

Togwotee Pass is the highest pass so far on this trip at 9,658 feet.  Going over the pass I crossed the Continental Divide to the east side.  There was a very long downhill southeast of the pass.  The wind was strong from behind me.  Today’s wind was the strongest I have experienced thus far on this trip.  I’m sure glad that it was not a headwind.

Southeast of Togwotee Pass, WY

The road followed the Wind River downstream.  The name was well deserved today, as it was very windy.  The terrain progressed from forested mountains to rolling hills covered in grass and sage, to red rock cliffs devoid of vegetation.

Red rocks near Dubois, WY

Near Dubois, WY

Near Dubois, WY

I met Vicki in Dubois, WY.  We fueled the motorhome, bought some milk.  We parked in front of the library and used their wi-fi to update the blog while we ate lunch.

We both left Dubois at the same time, planning to meet in Crowheart, WY.  The wind was still strong at my back so I made really good time to Crowheart.  We were together in Crowheart just long enough to arrange to meet at a rest area that was about 10 miles further.

Crowheart Butte, east of Crowheart, WY

At the rest area, we visited, and I rested for about an hour.  I left about an hour before Vicki.  She passed me about 5 miles before Fort Washakie, WY, where we ended our travels for the day.

Wind River Valley, from a bluff on the way to Fort Washakie

The wind that had been my friend today, finally let up when I was about 10 miles from Fort Washakie.

I saw some antelope along the way.

Another antelope

This guy was looking down at me as I rode by.

Miles today: 96 Total miles: 1,371



  1. Do you just pull the bike off the motorhome to take pictures… just kidding Dave very nice country with some great pics keep em coming.

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