Posted by: bikedave | July 13, 2010

July 12, Grant Village, Yellowstone N.P. to 16 mi east of Moran Jct. WY

We spent all of Saturday and most of Sunday relaxing at our campsite in Grant Village.  On Sunday we attended a ranger’s presentation at the visitor center, and hiked down to the lake shore.

This morning when I woke up, Vicki asked me if the storm kept me awake last night.  “What storm?”  Last night some thunderstorms passed through with lots of rain, thunder, and lightning.  I slept through it all.

I left Vicki in Grant Village, and rode south on the South Entrance Rd.  After a few miles I crossed the Continental Divide to the Pacific side again.  There was a short downhill, then the road ran along the shore of Lewis Lake.

Lewis Lake

Just past Lewis Lake, was Lewis Falls near the beginning of the Lewis River.

Lewis Falls

The Lewis river is only about 11 miles long.  It runs south from Lewis Lake to the Snake River near the south entrance to Yellowstone Park.  The northern section has carved some spectacular canyons.

Lewis River Canyon

After leaving Yellowstone, there is a 7 mile stretch of road with wide shoulders, that has recently been re-paved.

North of Grand Teton N.P.

Entering the park

Soon after entering the park I had my first view of Jackson Lake.

North end of Jackson Lake

Vicki caught up to me along this stretch of Jackson Lake.  She stopped and we visited for a little while, then she went ahead to Moran Junction.

I stopped near Coulter Bay for a short rest and a cold Gatorade, then continued on.

East of Coulter Bay, looking west

Just past Jackson Lake Lodge, there is a turnout where the view is stunning.

Click picture to see full sized

Vicki was waiting for me about a mile past Moran Jct.  We had lunch, and visited for about an hour.

Vicki, near Moran Jct, WY

Wetlands near Moran Jct, WY

I went on ahead eastbound towards Togwotee Pass for about 2 hours and 20 minutes.  I made it about 2 thirds of the way to the top when I found a great spot to spend the night in a snowmobile park.  I phoned Vicki, so she would know where to meet me.  It took her less than 25 minute to reach me.

Miles today: 64 Total miles: 1,275


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