Posted by: bikedave | July 7, 2010

July 7, Cameron, MT to West Yellowstone, MT

Leaving Cameron,  I travel south through the wide Madison River Valley.  I’m not able to see the river until I’ve gone about 15 miles.

South of Cameron, MT

My first glimpse of the Madison (in the distance) since Ennis, MT

Not long after my first glimpse of the river, I was traveling right next to it.

Madison River

Drifting the river

Madison River

Off in the distance I could see a very large tree.  It looked larger, and different than all the others.  When I got closer I discovered that it was not a tree at all.

Cell Phone tower disguised as a tree

Vicki soon passed by me.  I caught up to her where she had stopped about 2 miles before reaching Quake Lake.  We visited for a while then she went on to West Yellowstone, MT.

Vicki, back on the road. 2 miles west of Quake Lake

Quake Lake was formed in 1959 as the result of a massive landslide caused by a large earthquake.  The landslide blocked the flow of the Madison River and the lake was formed by the backup.  250 people were stranded by road damage and flooding and 28 lost their lives in the slide.

The Madison flowing through the slide area

The Madison flows from Quake Lake

Overlooking Quake Lake at the visitors center

I rode along the length of Quake Lake then came to a wetlands area near Beaver Creek.

Wetlands near Beaver Creek

Cruising the wetlands

After a short climb I reached Hebgen Lake.  I would ride along the shore of the lake for about 10 miles.

Looking east along the north shore of Hebgen Lake

The view across Hebgen Lake

Leaving the Lake, I rode about 10 more miles through the forest to reach the town of West Yellowstone, and Vicki.  We plan to spend the next 2 to 4 days in Yellowstone National Park.

Miles today: 61 Total miles: 1,158



  1. Today is 7/11. Happy Birthday Dave!

  2. Hi Dave,
    Got the link to your blog from Bob and Donna. What an amazing experience! Although I do not know you, I am enjoying your pictures and posts and am a bit envious as I always dreamed of doing something like this. Enjoy and be safe! Cindy

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