Posted by: bikedave | July 5, 2010

July 3, 19 mi W of Wisdom, MT to Bannack, MT

It rained all night again, and was still raining off and on while I prepared for the days ride.  When I started out it was cold enough to need to protect my ears and wear full finger gloves.  I saw three deer at different times today.

I'm out o' here!!

I stopped to talk to a lady riding a long wheelbase recumbent.  She was westbound on a transcontinental tour.  We traded road information, and she asked if I knew what animal made a sound that she imitated.  I wasn’t sure, but after leaving her, about a half mile down the road I herd a group of sandhill cranes calling.  I’m pretty sure that was the sound she was imitating.

I stopped at the visitor center for the Big Hole National Battlefield.  One of the people there provided me with lots of local information about my planned route.

Just before reaching Wisdom, MT, I saw some Yellow Headed Blackbirds.  Up until today I had only been seeing Brewers, and Red Wing or Tri-color Blackbirds.  The Yellow Headed Blackbirds prefer marshy areas.  When they fly they have a white patch on each wing that flashes with their wing beats.

Yellow Headed Blackbird

After reaching Wisdom,MT the route turns onto MT Hwy 278 which runs south through the Big Hole Valley.

MT Hwy 278 south of Wisdom, MT

View of the Beaverhead Mountains while looking across the Big Hole Valley

I met Vicki for lunch at the town of Jackson, MT.  After lunch we both left for Bannack, MT,  my destination for today.  Before reaching Bannack, I rode over Big Hole Pass.

Old log building near Big Hole Pass.

The view from the top of Big Hole Pass

After toping Big Hole Pass there was a long downhill, followed by mostly easy going until I reached Vicki at the turnoff for Bannack State Park.  We loaded up the bike and drove to the park’s campground where we’ll spend tonight and Sunday night.  We are planning a rest day tomorrow, visiting the ghost town at Bannack state Park.

Miles today: 62    Total miles: 992


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