Posted by: bikedave | June 30, 2010

June 29, Kooskia, ID to 39 miles SW of Lolo Pass

Today I started earlier than usual to take advantage of the cooler weather in the mornings.

Middle Fork Clearwater River in the early morning

The view from this house is of the river in the previous photo

I had not gone far when I rode by a flock of wild turkeys.  A few minutes later I saw some Canada Geese floating on the river.  I’ve seen lots of ducks on this trip but these are the first geese I remember seeing.

I soon rode by a field of horses and goats sharing pasture.  One of the goats was standing on a fence wire to be able to reach the pine needles on the tree outside of the fence.  I didn’t know that pine needles were even edible, let alone that they are preferred by goats over tender green spring grasses.

Wut chu lookin at!

There are so many funny captions that could go with the goat picture.  It would be great if you, the readers of this blog, would add a comment at the end of this post with your funniest caption.  Don’t worry if it’s not fit for all audiences, I’ll publish the ones with G, or PG ratings, and LMAO at the others.

Vicki caught up to me near the town of Lowell,ID, where the Selway river and the Lochsa River come together to form the Middle Fork Clearwater River.  We visited for a few minutes, then she went on ahead.

The confluence of the Selway and Lochsa Rivers

This photo was taken from the bridge over the Lochsa.  The Lochsa flows from the viewer, off towards the right, while the Selway is flowing towards the viewer from straight ahead, and passes around both sides of the island in the middle of the picture.

I continued on Hwy 12 towards Lolo.  The road now follows the Lochsa River upstream. The river is still quite large with many creeks spilling into it.

Lochsa River

Creek flowing into the Lochsa River

Last year a 23 mile section of highway 12 running northeast from Syringa, ID was re-paved.  They did a wonderful job.  This has been the nicest section of road I have traveled over in Idaho.  The pavement is very smooth and there is a nice shoulder.

Nice road!

As I continued upstream the river narrowed and there were more and more areas of white water.  This must be a popular river for kayaks and rafts.  About a third of the traffic passing me was carrying  one or the other.  I was passed and re-passed many times by one group of kayakers who would stop at every pullout and get out to look at the river.

Lochsa River white water


I continued upstream until near the Eagle Mountain Pack Bridge I caught up to Vicki.  She had found a very nice spot to park for the night in a large pullout next to the river with lots of trees to provide shade in the hot afternoon that would soon be upon us.

Vicki expressed that her drive today was the most beautiful of the trip thus far.

The Lochsa River

As I write this at about 8:30 in the evening we are again experiencing lightning, thunder, and intermittent showers.

Miles today: 58  Total miles: 763



  1. Beautiful pictures. I am really enjoy your blog. Ride safe.

  2. I’ve never seen that goat in my life! I swear!

  3. Hey mister can you give me a hand? Cant seem to find it!!!

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