Posted by: bikedave | June 26, 2010

June 26, New Meadows, ID to White Bird, ID

US Hwy 95 north from New Meadows follows the Little Salmon River to its confluence with the Salmon River in Riggins ID.  For the first few miles there was a low overcast, but it soon broke  to blue skies.

US 95 north of New Meadows, ID
Little Salmon River north of New Meadows, ID

I  can remember Vicki and I driving this road years ago in the big truck.  I always enjoyed the beauty of this area.

After about 6 miles the valley narrows and the road begins to descend following  the Little Salmon River canyon.

Pollock Mountain in the background
The Little Salmon River
The Little Salmon River
The Little Salmon River
A small waterfall along the Little Salmon River

After a while there were fewer and fewer trees on the mountains.

Along US 95, south of Riggins,ID

The road suddenly became quite busy near Riggins.  There were cars parked bumper to bumper on the shoulder.  I had come upon a very popular fishing hole.

Fishing hole on the Little Salmon
Proud fisherman

After passing through Riggins, ID the highway followed the Salmon River.  The hills were mostly covered with grass, and trees were mainly found next to the river.

Salmon River north of Riggins ID

The Salmon River

The riding had been mostly downhill until reaching Riggins.  After Riggins the road followed the river downstream, but the downgrade was often slight and there were some hills to climb.  The terrain along with the rising temperature and increasing headwinds, made the last third of the days ride the most work.  Just before reaching my destination for the day, White Bird, ID, I turned onto old Hwy 95.  This road follows the river for a few miles before turning up a small creek and entering White Bird.  Our plans were to meet in town, and I found Vicki right away parked near White Bird Antiques.

Vicki and Pat on the front porch of White Bird Antiques

White Bird Antiques

Vicki had been shopping in the antique store before I arrived and found several buttons to add to her collection.  After I arrived Vicki introduced me to Pat Ringsmith, the proprietor of White Bird Antiques.  We had a very nice conversation while resting in the shade on the front porch.  Pat directed us to Canyon House, a coffee and gift shop near the exit from US 95.  We sat on the deck with our drinks while writing this blog entry.

Vicki on the deck at Canyon House, with the US 95 bridge in the background

Miles today: 64    Total miles: 655



  1. Your pictures are amazing, and I love the commentary. I am learning so much!! Thanks and keep it comin!!
    PS. Wish I got to shop with Vicki at Whitebird Antiques! Yay for you Vicki


  2. Had a great visit with Dave and Vicki today. I wish them luck on their venture. What a way to see the country!!!!! Be safe. Pat

  3. It is so beautiful….this is the life is right. Vicki looks so good….so do you Dave. Can’t wait till you get to Virginia.

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