Posted by: bikedave | June 25, 2010

June 25, Crambridge, ID to New Meadows, ID

On the way out of Cambridge I stopped at Water-tower Park to say “Good morning” to Dean.  The city has built a platform about 18 inches above ground beneath a water tower for cyclists’ tents.  They also have a covered area for camping in rainy weather.

The first part of today’s route was mostly flat through an area of farms and ranches.

Hwy 95 near Cambridge, ID

The road climbs up to a hilltop at Mesa, ID.  From about 1910 to 1960 there was a 1400 acre apple orchard on this hilltop until a severe frost killed many of the trees.

Looking northbound on Hwy 95 in Mesa, ID

Before reaching Council, ID I rode for about a mile on “the Weiser River Trail” rails to trails.  The gravel surface was in good condition, but the transitions to the small bridges needed to be taken very slowly so as not to pinch flat.  It would be a nice ride if it was done at a slow pace, but at the speed I wanted to go the ride was harsh.

The Weiser River Trail near Council, ID

The road north from Council, ID is slightly downhill.  The slope and the tailwind that came up as I left town allowed me to cover about 5 miles at over 20 MPH.  Nice!   Soon the road turned uphill and followed the Weiser River upstream through the Payette National Forest.

Headed uphill

Headed uphill

Bridge over the Weiser River in the Payette National Forest

The Weiser River

Riding through the forest reminded me how much I used to like driving through this area when Vicki and I worked for Gorden Trucking about 20 years ago.

The last 5 miles into New Meadows was mostly downhill or level.  I had been having very light rain for about the last hour of the ride.  It became heavy enough to put on my rain jacket for the last 5 miles.

Vicki had found a good parking spot.  I put the bike away and we went “out on the town.”

Miles today: 47    Total Miles: 591


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