Posted by: bikedave | June 22, 2010

June 22, Prairie City, OR (5 mi East) to Baker City, OR

I left the view point headed for the first of three summits above 5000 ft, Dixie Pass.  Before I had gone 2 miles, I looked to my right and saw that I had spectators!


As I got near the top I could hear the sound of a coyote yelping.   Later in the day, I would surprise one and see him run off into the bushes near Phillips Lake.

After cresting Dixie Pass and rolling down the hill, I saw this ranch near the turn off for Austin, OR.

The second pass of the day was Tipton Pass.  After a nice downhill stretch the road turns and follows the north fork of the Burnt River.

Burnt River Valley with the Whitney ghost town in the distance

The town of Whitney was once a hub for the Sumpter Valley RR.  It’s now deserted.

Whitney, OR

Vicki passed me climbing Sumpter Pass.  She pulled over about 2 miles from the top to wait for me.  I was glad she did, because I was just starting my last water bottle.  We visited for a few minutes and re-filled my bottles, before she continued on to Baker City.

After going over Sumpter Pass, I enjoyed 4 miles of brisk decent, then turned to follow the Powder River.  There was an Osprey nesting on top of a pole that was quite agitated at my passing.  I stopped while she circled me about 10 times before settling down.

As I approached Phillips Lake I noticed a family of Sandhill cranes in the grasses near the marshy end of the lake.

Sandhill cranes

Phillips Lake

Old house near Phillips Lake

After passing Phillips lake the road followed the Powder River all the way to Baker City.

Powder River

We checked in to a RV park on the north end of Baker City.  We were able to re-fuel, dump tanks, fill the fresh water, do laundry, and for the first time since Prineville, have internet access so I could get the blog up to date.

Miles Today: 64 Total Miles: 437



  1. Dave, You are showing me country I have not seen before and I’m really envious of your ride. I’ll bet that all the green doesn’t stay with you as you continue East. john.

  2. Dave, I too am envious of your ride. I have been keeping up with you. Making sure all is ok, and Vicki is ok too. I love your pictures, they are so pretty. If you need anything call. Dede

  3. Nice pictures keep up the good work

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