Posted by: bikedave | June 22, 2010

June 19, Prineville (13 mi E) to Dayville (7 mi W)

Before  starting today’s ride, we drove into Prineville to see the courthouse.  I didn’t notice it when riding by and Vicki wanted me to see it.  Thanks, Vicki

The Courthouse Building in Prineville OR

We returned to Keystone Ranch and I resumed the ride.  The road to Ochoco Pass.(4720 ft.) overlooks Ochoco Creek valley just after starting the climb.

Ochoco Creek Valley

Ochoco Creek Valley

Hwy 26 follows Marks Creek for much of the climb to the summit.

Marks Creek

Approaching Ochoco Pass

Ochoco Pass summit

After reaching the summit I was treated to a 7 mile downhill that required no braking.  Clouds had been gathering, and the rain started falling as I came down the hill.

Along the way to Mitchell

Hwy 26 west of Mitchell, OR

There was light rain off and on as I passed Mitchell and continued until I reached Keyes Creek summit.(4357 ft.)

Keyes Creek Summit

From Keyes Creek Summit the road first descended through rolling hills.

It then began to twist and turn thorugh canyons until reaching my stoping point at the junction of US 26 and state route 19.
It was mostly down hill and was really fun to ride.

After we parked for the night and ate our dinner the rain began again, this time much harder. I’m glad I was not riding in that weather.

Our parking spot

Miles today: 69   Total Miles: 316


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