Posted by: bikedave | June 19, 2010

June 18, Sisters, OR to Keystone Ranch – Prineville,OR

The terrain today had a few hills.  The beginning and ending elevation were almost the same.  It was a fun ride that started with a headwind and ended with a tailwind.

At about 6 miles from Sisters I stopped and looked back west.  The view was stunning.  There were fewer clouds than the previous afternoon, and I could see that the horizon was ringed with rugged snow capped peaks.

Mt. Washington

Looking back west

I saw man;y horses along the way.

I stopped in Redmond for a burger, ran into Carrolyn and Lindy and visited for a few minutes then headed for Prineville.  The last mile into Prineville is a curvy downhill run.  I was able to get up to just over 40 mph.  Yahoooooo!  In Prineville I caught up with Vicki.  We visited for a while, then I went ahead to scout out a campground.  I had planned to camp near Ochoco Lake, but being Friday the campgrounds were full.  I went on for a while but finally gave up about 13 miles east of Prineville when I found a good spot for Vicki to pull the motorhome off the road.

Shepard's rolling home east of Ochoco Lake

Vicki picked me up at the gate to the Keystone Ranch.  I’ll start from there tomorrow.  We drove back to Prineville, did some shopping then settled in to spend the night in the Bi-Mart parking lot.

The Keystone Ranch

Looking west, waiting for my ride

Today’s Miles: 50    Total miles: 247



  1. Still wishing I was drinking that beer Dave, watching you!!

  2. Phew! Finally. Found the blog and had a look round.

    Ride safely and have fun. (As if you’d be doing anything else).

    I have subscribed so am expecting regular, detailed and highly entertaining postings. After all you’ll have ample free time now that you’re not working and how hard can it be to ride a bicycle across the United States?


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