Posted by: bikedave | June 16, 2010

June 16, Eugene, OR to Rainbow, OR

On the road again!

The day started out wet.  The drizzle ended about an hour before I left our house in Eugene.  I had only gone about 6 miles when it again started raining hard enough to make me  put on my rain jacket.  I was able to take it off again in about 12 miles.  the rest of the trip was on wet roads with occasional light rain.

I joined the published TransAmerica route at Camp Creek and Mohawk.  As I crossed over the Mckenzie, I saw a drift boat and stopped to take a picture as he passed below.

Drift boat on the McKenzie

Looking up the McKenzie from the Mohawk Rd Bridge

There were 2 covered bridges to see on today’s trip.  The first was the Goodpasture bridge near Vida.

Goodpasture Covered Bridge

Goodpasture Covered Bridge

Vicki had driven to the McKenzie Bridge area to find a place to spend the night.  When I arrived in Vida, I met up with Vicki’s brother Rick.  Rick is a Postal Service Contractor in the Vida to Blue River Area.   We visited for a few minutes before I continued on and Rick finished up his work for the day.  After a while he passed me on the road, about 10 miles east of Vida.  He was kind enough to drive out to see Vicki, and to make arrangements with a friend of his for a place where we could park for the night.  Thanks Rick.

On hwy 126, as the semi trucks passed, they would spray me pretty good with water from the wet pavement.  I loved the little push that I would get from the wind that they make as they go by.  On one slight downgrade I was passed by three in a row.  Each time one passed I was able to grab a gear and pick up speed.  I was going nearly 30 just after the last one passed.  Woo hooo!

I came upon the second covered bridge, near the end of today’s trip.  The Belknap Covered Bridge crosses the Mckenzie in Rainbow, OR.

Looking northwest through the Belknap Covered Bridge

Belknap Covered Bridge

Sign on the BelKnap Covered Bridge, Rainbow, OR

Today’s Miles: 57    Total miles: 151


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