Posted by: bikedave | June 12, 2010

June 12, Vincent Creek CG to Eugene, OR

After breakfast with Vicki and Dorothy, I headed east on Smith River Rd towards Eugene.  Soon I came upon this sign.

Oxbow Burn

It looks like my route will take me through th burn area from west to east.  Here is a look at the road through the burn area.

I was quick enough with the camera to get a picture of this elusive creature.

South Sister Creek and Road

The route continues on South Sister Rd, Siuslaw River Rd, and Wolf Creek Rd.  Traffic is very light until Wolf Creek Rd. I would expect it to be even lighter on a week day.  I made my way home via Crow rd and the West Eugene Wetlands path, and other streets.  My rear tire went flat about 2 miles from home.  It was a slow leak, so I just pumped it up and rode home. I’ll fix it tomorrow.

Vicki drove home via reedsport and hwy 38.  She returned her mother, Dorothy, to her house and arrived at our house a few hours before me.  Tomorrow and probably Monday will be rest days. we will tie up some loose ends before continuing our journey.

Miles today: 57      Total miles: 94



  1. I have joined in watching your travels. Good thoughts and safe travel to you and Vicki. j
    (I use a little “j” now since I’m half the man I was and you watched that happen.)

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