Posted by: bikedave | June 12, 2010

June 11th, Winchester Bay OR to Vincent Creek CG

Vicki and I loaded up our gear and left our house in Eugene at 8:00 AM.  We stopped to pick up Vicki’s mom, Dorothy, and were on the road by 8:30.  On the way to the coast we saw numerous elk at the Dean Creek viewing area near Reedsport.  The departure point I chose was the beach next to the Umpqua River south jetty.  We arrived at the beach, had lunch then took the bike to the sand for a photo.  I was not interested in the traditional dipping of a wheel in the surf mainly to avoid the salt and wet sand on the wheels and brakes.

On the beach near Winchester Bay, OR

Winchester Bay marina

The Umpqua from the Hwy 101 bridge north of Reedsport, OR

While on the Umpqua River bridge I had a conversation with a pedestrian.  He agreed to take my picture if I would hold his whiskey so he could use two hands on the camera.

One for the road

I turned off of hwy 101 just north of Reedsport onto Lower Smith River Rd.  The road mostly follows the river and is lightly traveled.  My destination for the day is 30 miles up river.

Smith River

Along the way I passed Noel Creek, Noel Ranch, and Noel Ranch Boat Landing.

Noel Ranch on the Smith River

Looking down into the Smith River Valley

Smith River Falls

The Vincent Creek camp ground is not far past the falls.  It was great having a hot shower waiting for me.  After cleaning up, Vicki, Dorothy and I ate spaghetti which Vicki had made for dinner.

Miles today:  37     Miles Total: 37



  1. Pretty Happy for you Dave…Wish I was in the RV drinking beer waiting for you to catch up!!! JK..Love ya man

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