Posted by: bikedave | June 5, 2010

June 5, 2010 A Ride With Dennis

My friend Dennis

Dennis is the guy who deserves the credit for getting me back on a bicycle as an adult.  About 5 years ago he sold a 1985 Trek 500 tri-series Road bike to me.  We were co-workers at the time, and would ride together during our lunch hour.  If not for Dennis’ friendship and encouragement,   I would not even be dreaming about a bicycle trip… let alone preparing to ride cross country!

In the morning I rode to the west Eugene wetlands, and then to Dennis’ house so we could ride together.   Dennis is a first class bicycle mechanic (One of his many talents).  Before we left for our ride, he put my Long Haul Trucker on his bike stand and checked it over.  I was happy that he found no problems, other than the need for a dérailleur cable adjustment.  Thanks Dennis!!

We rode together into downtown Eugene.  We visited two bike stores and a gallery before returning to his house.  I took the picture above just before I left to return home.   Dennis is standing with his Trek 750, in front of his very nice ’82 Volkswagen Westphalia.

This picture was taken a few years ago after Dennis and I had conquered a steep hill.  Dennis is holding his LeMond, and I am standing in front of my 1985 Trek.

Note to any children reading this:  I always ride wearing a helmet.  I had removed it just before taking this picture.


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