Posted by: bikedave | May 23, 2010

The Support Team

Vicki with Barclay on her shoulder and Nigel in her lap

I will be accompanied by my wife, Vicki, and our pets , Barclay and Nigel. Vicki will be making the trip driving our motor-home. We expect to be meeting up most nights, and plan to use the motor-home for side trips on rest days. Vicki and I worked together as team drivers in semi-trucks for over 9 years, visiting 46 states. Our cat, Nigel, joined us for the last 5 years of trucking, and is a great traveler. After reaching the east coast, we plan to drive to Rhode Island and Maine, the two states we have not yet visited.

The Dutchmen

Dutchmen, Four Winds



  1. The RV sure looks more comfortable than a tent!

    • Bob,
      It will be a new experience. I’m used camping in my tent most every night when touring. I plan to bring my tent and sleeping bag along, and expect to actually use them some nights.

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